Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Feb - 5 by the 5th Run details

Alright so after the awesome start to blogging last month i stopped, blah!! Things are going pretty well getting more exercise in but still have not changed my diet so still yo-yo-ing around the 183 mark. Lots of sickness going on at the household this month started with my husband where both girls ended up getting it. I thankfully was spared that round however a week or two later the girls both fell sick again. Turned into a virus. Every couple of days it would go around in a circle, fever for a day or two then fine for a day or two then back again. Last week on Tuesday started to get really bad little K got a really bad cough by that evening she was running a high fever. Then S followed the next day with coughing and fevers. Thursday more of the same with nausea thrown in for good measure. Friday took all of us to the doctors to check us out. i keep just getting the beginning symptom and fine after a day (well up to yesterday that was) little K has a double ear infection and S a upper chest infection. ugh! Poor girls, both on medication and starting to get better think S will even be going to school tomorrow.

Oh and i have started with a actual cold now, nice drippy nose, headaches last night i slept for 10 hours and it was fabulous. However i kicked my cold in the bum this evening while i took part in 5 by the 5th run tonight and i did it in a bit better time that last month so super happy about it.

Finishing this post up today Feb 6th as my Internet at home decided to die on me last night :) I will be running another 5 k either tomorrow or Friday night for a virtual run in my 13 in 2013, I could have done them together but thought it would be good to make sure i kick some more treadmill ass :P

Hope everyone is having a great day,