Friday, 29 June 2012

Getting ready for camping

Feeling like this is a bit like writing in a diary ... oh well i will deal with it :p

This morning stepped on the scale 213.2 so went up 0.2. Did a workout on the treadmill last night and this morning which was nice been a week or so since i had done it. Hope to get in another one tonight and then tomorrow we leave for our camping trip should be interesting with S & K. S has been every year since she was born and this will be K first time. Going to be a busy, hectic and fun couple of days.

Going to leave it at this and i will report back wed or thursday for sure.


Thursday, 28 June 2012


Weighed in this morning at 213.0 lost a full pound, which is great but will see what happens once this upcoming week is over ... camping and our party are really going to take its toll. Will try to still make smart choices but camping ... well we shall see :)

Had a pretty hectic day yesterday, had my dad, his girlfriend and my sister come over and help me clean up. I will admit it i am a horrible homemaker. I keep wishing every year for a housekeeper but it just doesn't happen. And the cleaning fairy refuses to come over to my house :p got the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom all beautified, working on our computer area and finishing up the girls bedroom before the party happens.

Had a great day with the girls today, went shopping this morning for a couple things we needed then headed out to the movie theater to watch Brave. Cute story loved the Scottish accents.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Popping the cherry

Wow my first post ....

Well lets start with a little about me, my name is Jessica i live in Ontario Canada. I have a wonderful husband that i have been with for 11 years and married 5 years this past May. We have two daughters together our eldest S is now 4 yrs old (starting school this September) and our littlest one K is almost 9 months old. I am currently on maternity leave but will be returning to work mid September (which i will say i am dreading). I work for Rogers Communications Inc as a Customer Relations Agent. It can be a very challenging job but i love what i do ... most days :) We also have 1 dog Cronos and two cats Doggy and Dingo.

I have started this blog to try to keep me motivated in my weight loss journey. I started seriously trying this past Feb with my husband. My starting weight was 235 and i am currently (as of this morning) 214.0. I had been doing really well till about a month ago things just started going out the window so for about a month i have bounced between 212 and 217, but usually around the 214 mark. I usually try for two 1/2 hour workouts per day. With the treadmill being one workout and doing some type of exercise video/game for the second one. And i had been counting calories. My hope is with doing this blog i will hopefully feel more accountable and guilty if i do not start watching my calories and exercising.

My goal is to start getting everything under control by the 8th or 9th of July (between now and then we are on holidays for a week taking the two girls camping from sat till wed and then we have a large family and friends party on the 7th - going to be lots of fun but a crazy week with camping then getting everything ready to have everyone over)

Happy hump day