Saturday, 22 September 2012

New weight loss photos

Hey guys,

Well the rest of the week ended up pretty ok, cold is almost gone. Garnett father is still in the hospital as they have held him longer due to issues with his kidneys hopefully on monday they can get the final stint in and then time for him to go home.

Stepped on the scale this morning to 193.0 which meant it was time for progression photos and measurements :)

Like the tiger decal on the mirror >^_^<  Meow!

Really starting to see the difference now from the beginning to today which is making me happy. I started this journey wearing a 2XL on top and size 22/24 jeans i am currently wearing a XL to L shirt depending on the brand and between a 14/16 size pants :)

To show all of the photos

Yes my forever hide my face in shame a very dirty mirror the first time and seeing the cleaning supplies the next time lol.

Even seeing quite a difference from just the 203.8 to 193


Starting weight: 235

as of Feb 14th (when i started tracking my weight) 224.8

Measurements as of Feb 22nd:
Arms:   14 1/2
Bust:    47 1/2
Waist:  44
Hips:    49
Thighs: 27

July 7th

Weight:  214.2
Arms:   13 1/2 
Bust:    45 1/2 
Waist:  43 
Hips:    44 
Thighs: 25 
Calve:  18

Aug 10th

Weight:  203.8
Arms:   13 (-.5)
Bust:    45 (-.5)
Waist:  40 (- 3)
Hips:    43 (-1)
Thighs: 24 (-1)
Calve:  18 (0)

Sept 22nd

Weight:  193
Arms:   13 1/2 (+.5)
Bust:    44 (-1)
Waist:  37 (- 3)
Hips:    44 (+1)
Thighs: 25 1/2 (+1.5)
Calve:  17 1/4 (-.75)

So i think i was measureing a couple of areas wrong before actually saw where you were supposed to be measuring so i am hoping that is why it is all over the place. Total inches lost 1.75 but whatever i can see some big improvements so again i just think it was me mis-measuring before.

Enjoy the weekend 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Crawling out of the rock i was under

Hello everyone,

bet you didn't expect to see a post from me after not writing anything in the last what 2 almost 3 weeks now .... yes i was a chicken. I had up the blogger page for a couple of days but just kept ignoring it wishing it would go away, i was not in a frame of mind to deal with writing - when i should have been writing the most as i dealt with things.

Well as of my last post it had been S first week to school and i had messed my back up. My back was not a pretty sight, i was not a pretty sight. I was in quite alot of pain for a while nothing as bad as the end of jan and beginning of feb, it was sort of the same pain as just recovering from that. So i had to be extremely careful on how i bent and picked up little K. Which also really impacted my exercise i was not able to even walk without alot of pain but by the middle of last week wed or thursday things started to loosen up a bit. Was able to finally enjoy my last couple days of freedom before the dreaded return to work date. Took the girls on daily walks of about 2 kms.

Last weekend i got to spend some time with just S while taking her to dance and K stayed home with Garnett. Then that afternoon i spent some time with K taking her out for a walk in the stroller with our dog Cronos. Sunday we had a visitor from our neighbour down the road and she brought her pony all saddled up for the girls to check out.

K was the first one to try out the pony Chico

S thinking that maybe she would like to try

Thats my girly

Chico smiling for the camera lol


Now before i go into the rest of my sunday and the dreaded return to work date lets  talk about my weight a bit. I was fluctuating like mad lowest i went down to was 196.4 and went up to 199.0 as of sunday morning i was 198.8 eep so i started to get myself underwraps. Sunday i started the laundry and then the 30 Day shred over again, went well felt great went into town by myself did our groceries headed home put it all away and then i was stupid and decided to do a second load of laundry. Well i started that second load and then the water quit for the 5th time this season. Which created a huge meltdown, G was pretty upset ... I was upset ... and then the tears started (mine of course) it was the day before my return to work after a year off, the water was shut off no idea if we were going to be able to start it. S shut me down when i asked if she wanted to go for a walk with me but she just wanted to cuddle with daddy, that was the last straw my tears turned into waterworks. I ended up taking our sopping wet laundry to my dads place in town and got them washed from there and brought back home to dry them. Had supper and G went to work on the well - pumpy thingy to see if he could get it working fast forward 2 and a half hours and voila we had water again ... at 11 pm.


Up at 5am and the day starts, get the girls dressed and ready to go to daycare, cry a bit as they were leaving. Rush into the shower finish getting ready and headed off to work. I will say it is a bit easier going back to work with the second child plus having had a breakdown the day before everything was good. Then just before 10 get the call that Garnett father had a minor heart attack. He is doing good still in the hospital at this time waiting for a second stint to be put in. I stayed under my calories and got a workout down in the evening.


Woke up with a cold that came out of left field, head throbbing, fever, sinus pain the whole shebang. That is all. Stayed under calorie but no workout and i went to bed at 8pm tossed and turned all night.


Bad night of the tossing and turning, sinuses starting to calm down to be replaced with coughing. However this morning stepped on the scale and saw 194.6 woot woot officially down 40 pounds. Definitely picked up for me on a hump day and ended up being a decent day. Still no work out though, going to wait till tomorrow to see how i feel before trying again

The only other thing is that each night i have hardly seen my hubby as he has been at the hospital visiting with his dad and making sure his mom is eating and taking care of herself as well. Wish I could go with him to see  his dad and give him a hug but until this cold is gone gotta stay far away :(

I promise to write in here again soon, need to keep myself accountable

Friday, 7 September 2012


I know its been a little bit but life has been pretty hectic so lets talk about the good things first. Weight is slowly coming off weighed in at 197.8 this morning. I am loving my Zombie, Run! app the other day went for a walk/jog with Cronos and i had the Zombies chase turned on (usually where i live the gps wont find us that day it did) oh holy heck talk about going at a faster pace i am normally between 8 -9 min per km well when the Zombies are chasing i hit up to as high as 13 km per hour lol it was great :)

Triend a new class this past wed called Kickboxing Cardio the first class for this month was free, i was super nervous as i was going by myself and knew no one there... So glad i went i LOVED it in 55 mins burnt 544 cals and was a true sweat monster :P This upcoming monday is a free Zumba class with the same instructor and i am going to check that out as well, says it is in the dark so no need to feel self conscious ... well when i knock everyone down with my uncoordination it wont be so good :p

S started school this week, wed was her first day and she says she really enjoyed it but will give me no details of her day *fustrated mom*, she is back at school today and was extremely excited to be going back.

Her Hello Kitty backpack

While wearing a Hello Kitty shirt

little K looking up to her big sister

And talking about this little chunkmiester (is that even a word ?) she just turned 11 months old weighs 20 pounds right on the dot. Has two top teeth (came within a couple days of each other) and two bottom teeth. Has finally figured out to crawl forward (a couple weeks) and is getting faster at it. Figured out how to sit up by herself from when she is lying down (that caused a panic the first time she did it in the crib as she was still on the top level as she wouldn't do it. She had grabbed onto her mobile and was having a grand time giving it a shake). Oh and will stand if holding onto the crib, our hands, playpen etc... AAAHHHHH so many  milestones in just a short couple of weeks.

Took photos for a photo invite but think i will use them in a banner instead

Now onto the reason for the title ... for the past month or so i have been having twinges in my back. I usually throw out my back roughly 2 - 3 times a year usually it is just sore and i am hunched over while walking for 3 -4 days then it is over. Well these twinges point to a full out back episode. I have only had two of them both have been in January right after having my babies (S was 9 months and K 3 1/2 months) and it scares the shit out of me. It means physio for approx 1 and a 1/2 months where i can barely walk without crying cannot pick up my daughters etc ... Today woke up was feeling great and somewhere between getting my eldest ready for school and getting my youngest out of her crib i felt it, the pain that i associate with a hell of a back outage. It got worse, right now taking my back meds from jan and some normal robaxacet (sp?) for the pain hoping it will cover it. I am thinking that the back pain is just due to stress of S going to school and my approaching work date and all the hiccups that have happened with both in the last couple of weeks.   Hope it blows over and my concern is for nothing...

Have a great weekend will check in on monday,

Monday, 3 September 2012

Long weekend

Wow for the first time in a long time having a weekend that i have actually lost weight on. Back down to 198.8 as of this morning even after attending a family BBQ yesterday where i might have had a hamburger and macaroni and potato salad ... oh and a couple of chips ... oh and when i got home might have had a original cider from Alexander Keiths as well and wow it was all so yummy. But something went right and i still lost so thankful for that :)

Happy that my Zombie, Run! app got fixed they had a issue with android phones where you could do the mission but it was not completing so tonight when i take Cronos for a walk i can get to mission 2 (did mission 1 twice, the zombie chase not as scary the second time around) They also added a option for long runs for android so that is kinda neat don't need it yet but good for the future.

C25K - update

Well i moved to W5D2

31 mins:
Warm up 5 mins
Run 8 mins
Walk 5 mins
Run 8 mins
Cool down 5 mins

Got through the 8 min run and i was kinda surprised it wasn't bad could have kept going, however after the 5 min walk when i went to do the next run it was a total fail. going to try again tomorrow and rock it (hopefully) think i will only do day 2 twice successfully then i will go to day 3 (20 min running non stop - eeeeppppp).

Also just joined a fb group done by one of the girls from Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp called 100- fat burning miles in September (hee hee love the name) closed group which is nice, so as per the title of the group the challenge is to walk/jog/run/crawl 100 miles (or 160.9 km) during the month of Sept so roughly 5.36 km per day. Just joined the group today and have done 15.53 so far this month, going to have to step it up just a little bit but it is totally do-able.

Personal note:

S starts school on wed, going for the very first time, she is so excited and i am of two minds, excited for her to go but dreading it at the same time as she is growing up so quickly.

Also kinda worried about making lunches, what if i pack the wrong things, what if i don't pack enough? What if, what if what if .... Anyone else ever worry about that in the beginning?

And then there is the return to work date of Sept 17th that is getting closer and closer ... what is going to happen when i return to work, can i continue to eat well, will i continue exercising or make excuses, which i cannot i tell ya having a 5 k that you are registered to do a month after returning to work is a good motivator. Oh and have i ever mentioned just how bad i am at planning? I find it impossible to plan ahead for the week for meals while i am at home not to mention work ....  I tell ya enough to give a person nightmares lol


Saturday, 1 September 2012

New Month

Sept 1st already where does the time go ...

Having a better day today under my calorie goal of 1400, did C25K week 5 day 1 again tomorrow going to actually move to day 2, will do that for a couple of days then will move to day 3 (eep 20 mins straight running is a bit daunting).

 I also bought Zombie, Run! app for my android phone its currently 2.99$ instead of 7.99$ sale is on till monday. It is pretty awesome, used it taking my dog for a walk 40 mins 4 kms done not too bad. At the point when the old "Runner 5" is chasing you in zombie form i almost forgot i was only to be walking and was ready to get the hell out of there. I have a love hate relationship with Zombies so listening to this is giving me a delicious shiver of danger lol.

Here is to hoping tomorrow is as good as today :)