Friday, 31 August 2012


This week has been pretty low for me, my high point was getting below the 200 pound mark, but with school starting for S this upcoming wed and work looming up in two weeks i have been pretty down. I feel exhausted all the time, have not wanted to exercise and when i get like this i kind of bottle all my feelings inside and say i don't care, which has resulted in me not making the best of decisions. I am down from the 199.8 to 199.4 but i should be lower than that, with the weekend looming up i always gain a pound or two which means i will probably end up seeing the 200s again :(

Also my littlest one is changing so fast which i think is also not helping this funk. All of a sudden she has popped her 3rd tooth (first one for the top), started finally crawling forward (still mostly crawling/pushing herself backwards and boy can she go) and has learnt to sit herself up in the crib. Oh and her 4th tooth should be out any day now.

Today is a bit better calories are on track going to exercise tonight just need to pull myself out of this funk

Hope everyone has a great long weekend,

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Onederland :)

WOOHOO this morning i saw this when waking up 

Officially out of the 200s' and so excited and proud :)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Not much to talk about

Well i was a bad girl yesterday and decided to not workout ... then spent a hour or more awake in bed feeling guilt for not working out but midnight is a bit late to work out ...

Weight is still going well yesterday morning woke up to a 1 pound loss so was at 200.8 and this morning woke up to 200.6 (which i am more than happy to take).

Leaving this post with a couple photos of the girls that i took yesterday

Little K was not so interested in looking up and having a photo taken

Aahhh when did she start growing up so much

Only photo taken in the hammock swing little K was in between fake crying here

Super happy to be on the swing by herself got lots of giggles from her

Will report in on monday, have a great weekend everyone

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Crazy Thursday and a confession

*phew* what a day. Woke up to see 201.8 this morning so had lost 1 pound getting close to my 2nd mini goal (1st was hitting 30 pounds 2nd is getting below the 200 mark) - where i have promised myself that i would make myself a apron - and very excited however i know the weekend always throws a wrench in my plans somewhere, hoping to be good.

This is the apron i have promised to make myself, for anyone trying to place what this is supposed to represent it would be Sailor Moon outfit :) A little known fact i LOVE Sailor Moon i even have Luna tattooed onto my back.

So as to my confession, i have not really run since last wed, i tried a small bit the last couple days (3 mins on tues and maybe 2 mins yesterday) and was failing horribly, my heart was not into it. Finally got onto the treadmill today and told myself to suck it up and get it done. So week 5 day 1 finished in full only breaks were the normal schedualed kind ... Whoo .. going to do it 1 - 2 more times then will move to day 2 in week 5.

Then from there had a pretty normal day including having to go to my MIL place to catch up on laundry since the scare with our well laundry has been kinda piling up thankful i was able to go into town to get some done, from now should be able to do 1 load per day here. Got home made some crazy yummy egg mcmuffin type food for supper, then headed downstairs did a 30 min weight loss program on the treadmill followed by Jillian kicking my ass in 30 ds (3 days in a row - not counting the other two days i did last week those were my learning days lol). Total cal burned today with exercise 890, go me (yes such a dork)

Last 2 days or so i have brought up my calories just a bit so instead of being just under 1200 have been under 1400 instead, still losing and more than the normal 0.8 that i was losing so i will take it :)

Here's to hoping for another loss tomorrow

Till then

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Getting my sweat on

Sorry for not posting yesterday, i really meant to and didn't want to all in one. Felt like having one more irresponsible day before climbing back up onto the wagon. We had a awesome weekend away the girls were so well behaved. And it was so good to see Garnett cousin and wife and his Great aunt and uncle were there as well, had some amazing food, lots of wine and spirits and many laughs.

Monday morning i pushed off getting out of bed as long as possible as i was frightened to see what i had done to my weight loss (especially after hearing hubby had gained just over 5 pounds) finally sucked it up and got on the scale and saw 205.4, not the worse it could have been. Yesterday did no exercise except for cleaning in the house however i did drink 100  oz of water. Woke up this morning to see 204.0, happy with the loss hope to see it lower tomorrow morning :)

Today was the first day i took both S and K to daycare, S is staying for the full day K was there from 9:15 am till 12:45, it sucked (not for her she had a great time, S watched out for her lol) big ones for me, its not like i have not left her for a couple of hours for a time (even did the one weekend away) its knowing that this is where she is going to be when i go back to work (and that is approaching fast less then a month now) so i headed into town after crying a bit - ok was crying during the first 5 mins of driving - got my hair washed and cut, then headed to Walmart bought myself another new bra (yay up to 3 now after having wrecked all of my other ones) and some fabric and ribbon, planning on making some jean bibs for K. Headed to my sisters to drop off her shoes and chatted with her and my dad for a bit, hit up subway for lunch then grabbed K.

Got home K went down for her nap and i headed downstairs, was having some issues with my leg so decided just to do a weight loss program on my treadmill where 15 mins in i accidentally pulled the emergency stop line and came to a dead stop - not cool  - so restarted up but on manual and as my leg was feeling better did a little bit of running and walking to finish the last 15 mins. Then i restarted 30 Day Shred and completed day 1 again.

Now time to wake up the little princess, feed her food, pick up S from daycare then off to register S for dance classes that start this Sept.

Happy Tuesday,

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mini vacation

I am so excited and nervous to be leaving later today and coming back on sun with the girls and hubs, We are headed to Toronto tonight to sleep over at his sisters place from there will spend most of Friday with her (she was nice and took the day off so she could visit with us and the girls) i think we are going to the small zoo in Toronto that is pretty close to her so the girls should love that, from there we are headed to Collingswood to meet up with Garnetts cousin and wife. We don't get to see them that often so were really looking forward to it. And then on Sunday *gulp* a 8 hour ride back home with a 4 yr old and 10 1/2 month old, That is going to be painful, lots and lots of pain lol.

Right now weight is at 202.6 Monday morning is going to be a scary morning to weigh in and see how much damage has been done.

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

This and that

Well yesterday was a fail in the exercise department i refused to workout and was childish about it ... ok not really just refused to go. My last half of the day after posting went from decent to bad with my eldest and i was just not into it, i also stuffed my face with 2 chicken fries a couple goldfish crackers and i think i had a bite of something else ... however this morning woke up to 203.6 so i at least moved down again on the scale instead of going up.

Today was a much better day, got up around 5:30 ish in the morning and did a workout on the treadmill after hubby had done his, started to do Week 5 Day 1 of C25K was 2 mins into the first run and i said F*** this and ended up doing it walking, still got the sweat rolling and burned just over 300 cals so i was ok with that. Then after the girls got up all had breakfast, headed into town and picked up a new bodysuit and skirt for S ballet classes that start up again this Sept. Picked out a super cute fall coloured shirt for photos that we are having taken on the 6th of Oct ( i should probably mention to Garnett that we are doing that ... oh and somehow plan little Ks' birthday party for that afternoon ). Picked up my sister and her puppy and headed back home where we let the three dogs play. Owner of the other dog came and picked up Gadget so we are now pug free home again lol the girls will miss him though, little K loved that he was at her level and he was so patient with both girls. After my sister and friend left i ended up taking a nap instead of working out, really needed it and felt great after the nap. Then supper and did my final workout of the night. Went with Week 5 Day 1 again of C25K and did much better was able to run the first two 5 min intervals faltered on the last one mid way so walked 1 1/2  mins then ran for the last 1 1/2 mins.

So not a bad day cals eaten for the day 1282 and 648 cals burned with exercise. Hoping to see another weight loss in the morning would love to you know lose 3.7 to get below 200 but will be happy with my normal 0.8 loss. Crossing my fingers

Monday, 13 August 2012

Because the only workout you ever regret is the one you skip

Happy late Monday

Came across this on the Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp it is a 100 reasons why you should work out today good thing to remember  on those days you are dreading the workout the title is from the list. Had a good weekend did day 1 and 2 of the 30 Day Shred, looking forward to doing the 3rd day tonight, also cannot wait for my thighs to start feeling better and not hurting all the time lol. A little bit frustrated on sat i ate well normal amount of calories (just under 1200) had done c25k training and the first day of 30 ds and i gained 0.8 pounds, Sunday did both workouts however my cals were higher 1400+ and i gained 0.2 :( so back up to 204. Hoping tomorrow is a better weigh in day.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Thighs of Jello

Happy Saturday all,

C25K update - did the week 4 session in full yesterday night. 5 min warm up, 3 mins jog, 90 sec walking, 5 mins run, 2 1/2 min walk, 3 min run, 90 secs walk and then the final 5 min run and the 5 min cool down. Very proud of myself for finally powering through it all. Brought down photos of both my girls for added incentive and i have promised myself if i can get through 3 of them in a row no jumping off the treadmill for a breather before moving to week 5 i would get a workout tank from Ruffles with Love . After that for week 5 i think i will reward myself with a pedicure for my tired footsies :)

Woke up this morning to see 203.0 so another 0.8 weight loss woohoo :) trying to use My Fitness Pal a bit more been slacking off a bit, if anyone wants to add my my username is shmurb. 

Holy heck i tried day 1 of 30 day shred this morning and it was ... well it was what it was, was able to get through the cardio with little issues the squats with pushing the weights up killed me started with 5lbs went down to 3 lbs for now and found it a bit easier, oh and the reverse crunch and bicycle crunch AAARRRRGGGHHHHH well it will only get better as i develop the technique right? 

Hoping my jello thighs will firm up by tonight so i can get a run in


Friday, 10 August 2012

203.8 + progression pics

Hi all, well its been just over a month and i have lost just over 10 pounds so time for new measurements and progression pics :)

Can i say i was very excited to see 203.8 this morning seems like i am loosing 0.8 every day which is great but can sometimes suck when hubby tells me he has lost 1, 2 or even 3 pounds. . . *sigh*| men. I am super happy for him though and he is looking HOT :) especially since he went out and bought new work clothes that actually fit him.

Ok starting with the photos (again and i think i will always have to say this sorry for the toothpaste splattered mirror in the first pic i never ever thought i would be sharing this pics and the second set while it had a cleaned mirror the windex and paper towels were on the counter lol)

And the newest ones  - yay no toothpaste splattered mirror and no cleaning supplies showing :)

I can see differences in the front one but i have a hard time seeing the difference on the 214.2 and 203.8 side views i have to remind myself i stepped closer to the mirror so i think that is where i am having the issue seeing it. Anyway i know it is going down and thats all that matters :)

Starting weight: 235

as of Feb 14th (when i started tracking my weight) 224.8

Measurements as of Feb 22nd:
Arms:   14 1/2
Bust:    47 1/2
Waist:  44
Hips:    49
Thighs: 27

July 7th

Weight:  214.2
Arms:   13 1/2 
Bust:    45 1/2 
Waist:  43 
Hips:    44 
Thighs: 25 
Calve:  18

Aug 10th

Weight:  203.8
Arms:   13 (-.5)
Bust:    45 (-.5)
Waist:  40 (- 3)
Hips:    43 (-1)
Thighs: 24 (-1)
Calve:  18 (0)

So from last measurement i lost 6 inches and 10.4 pounds

Anyone know how to get your calves to become slimmer ???

Still sucking with C25K week 4 i did the 5 min run once and have not been able to do it again, a little frustrated with myself as i know it is myself holding myself back again ... when will i realize that I rock and can do this :p

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

30 pound mark - Woohoo

So officially this time (not like when i thought i hit it at 25 pounds lol) I
have lost 30 pounds :) Stepped on the scale this morning to 205.4 ( so 0.8 loss from yesterday i know it would be more if i would clean up my eating just a bit more and consume more water, one thing at a time ) so happy to see it now to lose another six pounds to hit my first mini goal of getting under 200 hoping to have that by the end of aug (would be great to be faster but by the end of aug at the latest).

Still working on week 4 of c25k the run this aft sucked balls, i had my eldest downstairs with me and the tv was distracting me going to try it again tonight see if i can improve over this afternoon - which i know i can since i sucked.

Went to Bouncing Beans this morning with my eldest, they were doing parachute play which i LOVE and since there were a couple kids absent the adults got to help out with it WHOO hehe, so i could only do it one handed as i was holding little K who was not impressed with it at all while on the floor

Till tomorrow

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Week 4 Day 2 - much better but still needs work

First off my weight ... 206.2 so same as it was on tuesday which for me is very good since for us it was a long weekend, lots of outtings ... oh and did i mention i live in the country, well i do and as such we depend on a well for our water, now due to the crazy hot weather and very little rain our well went dry for the 4th time this summer, happened sat morning, we were without water (we have bottled water for drinking so at least we had that) till sun afternoon. Garnett worked on the pump for approx 2 1/2 to get it working. Now trying to conserve as much water as we can dont know how much more this well can take from this summer and we for sure do not want to have to drill a new well, it costs about 20K to have that done, eep.

Did week 4 day 2 today, did better today, rocked the warmup (lol), first 3 min run, 90 sec walk, 5 min run, 2.5 min walk, 3 min run and 90 sec walk, however the last 5 min run was a no go, made it about 1.5 mins then had to take a breather did another 1 min then did a brisk walk for 1 min then ran the last two mins and finished off with the 5 min cooldown. So better than day 1 hoping tomorrow will see me do the full program, need to tweek my running play list as well had a couple songs that were just too slow and that wasnt working too well for me in the last run.

Here is to a awesome tuesday and rest of the week :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Week 4

Well week 4 has started with a good butt kicking ... on me :( Tried it this morning while watching my favorite anime show of all time (Sailor Moon) and i got through the first 3 min run 90 sec walk then the 5 min walk ... well didn't happen so much I did what i could and happy that i still tried through the whole program. Going to try it again tonight and give it another go, figuring it will take me a couple days to probably get it down pat then i will rock it :)  Also need to either get some songs on my phone or maybe try a audiobook, found that worked alot better for me.

Eating has been a bit off so my weight is up and down a bit weighed in this morning at 206.4 hoping soon to get my act together and get the two in sync to start dropping a couple pounds, would really love to be out of the 200s' by the end of Aug.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fall off the wagon type of day ... and i slipped :/

Today was just one of those days, had a good morning headed up to Ottawa did some shopping for myself got three new shirts all in a XL (different brands too so i think i can now say i am for sure in a xl) compared to 6 months ago when i was in a 2X for shirts. Picked up a couple discounted items for my eldest. Then headed out to lunch with a friend who is also currently on maternity leave .... *sigh* i decided on a burger ... the firecracker burger ... 1060 calories later it was devoured, i will say it was very good i had maybe 5 fries and a glass of water. Then on the way home slipped a bit more and stopped at Dairy Queen and had a mini blizzard (approx 360 cal), i wont lie it was delicious. . .

Then i get home about to put little K in the living room while i get her a afternoon bottle, started putting her down when i finally realized i was hearing buzzing and a lot of it. Look up at the big window and there are about 30 bees on it . ARGH, i hate bees. So at this moment i am outside with K waiting till its time to pick up S from daycare to then spend more time till Garnett gets home to kill them all and figure out how they got in the house.

Oh and while i was in ottawa i picked up my Adidas Micoach Pacer bundle, has a heart rate monitor, monitors speeds and will tell you if you are going to slow and to kick it into high gear, and a pedometer (pacer is there really a difference) so i am looking forward to getting in my c25k training today to see how everything looks. Garnett loves his hoping i will as well :)

And one last thing this morning i woke up to another 0.8 loss so currently at 206.2 .... well probably not after my food choices for lunch but i can hope to work off a bunch of it tonight. Plus breakfast was 285, and for supper only plan on a salad and a little bit of chicken which last time we did it was approx 205 cals ... so i can recover ... right ??? Not to worried about today, its only one day.