Saturday, 29 December 2012

Time to stop procrastinating

Hello all,

I realized that i am putting off exercising and eating right till the new year. And i realized that was just plain silly it was time to step up and at least start doing something. So for now I am making a promise to start exercising on a daily basis.  I started today by going on good ol faithfull and did some weightloss to start me off, hoping to also get some squats and sit ups done later today. Will start to slowly get my eating under control but that is going to take me a bit, little steps at a time.

I decided as well to do a picture of my current weight at 184.6 to kick start this off it is a pound early but figured this would hold me more accountable as well.

My first two pictures that i did the first was about 10 pound lighter than when i had first started as i was 235. and as always i apoligize for the first sequence of photos i never thought i would ever share these how wrong i was :P

Next set of photos wish i would have realized i was sticking with the blue as i put on the green one today :P
Not seeing a big difference from 193 - 184 

I also took my measurements:

Weight: 184.6
Arm: 12 1/2
Bust: 42
Waist: 32
Hips: 42
Thigh: 23 3/4
Calve 16 3/4

Have a great weekend all,

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

Wow posting again, someone check my forehead quick i must have a fever :)

This blog has been weighing on my mind more heavily, i think in the new year i will make it a point to start writing up more posts, makes me feel more accountable even if no one is reading this blog :P I have skipped over my promise after losing 50 pounds that i would post my blog for all to read, it was just scaring me and i realized that it was ok not to feel ready to share it with my family and friends.

Doing pretty well during this holiday season, staying around the 183.6 mark (4 out of 5 days in a row yesterday went up to 185.2 then today dropped right back down). Don't really have much more to say currently at work hoping for 4 pm to roll around as soon as possible so that i can go home and spend the rest of Christmas eve with the family.... Oh we all have onsie pjays will be posting that photo sometime in the next couple of days lol.


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dusting the cobwebs off

*choking a bit on the dust in here*

Oh boy i cannot believe that it has been so long since i last posted... Sept 22nd and today is Dec 16th eep, i will say that i have thought of this blog often but have not had the motivation to post. Returning to work has been a huge adjustment for me, i never feel like i have enough time and find it much harder to work out and eat better (two reasons laziness would be number one but also with it being darker earlier and later in the mornings and right now the holiday season is full of stuff going on). So today as i was sitting down about get up to fix my daughters bed as she informed me the blankets were falling off (and whos fault was that i wonder lol) i hear my hubby typing away at the keyboard i look over ask him what in the world he is doing looks at me sheepishly and says he is blogging, well that got my interest peaked and the want to blog myself made me pull up my blogger.

Really aside from that i don't actually have all that much to say, lots of things have happened, i did my first and second 5 k races finished under 45 mins which was my goal, have continued to lose weight very slowly with lots of ups and downs current at 184.4 (have been under 183 but until i can get back under there and not see a gain i will wait on doing my 10 pound lost photos). My littlest girl turned one, my eldest just finished with her dance sessions and is looking forward to going back in January. My dog passed away :( it will be a week as of tomorrow and i miss him terribly.

I think for now will just end this with some photos

part of K cake smash photos

can you tell she was enjoying it lol

cannot get enough of this cute face

before the cake smash in the pumpkin patch

At the end after cake cleanup was done
This was from the Canadian thanksgiving weekend at the same pumpkin patch
K rocking her owl hat
Cuddling up with K as S was out running around with our friends kids

And here are some of our Christmas photos that were taken

That's all for now, if i do not get on before the holidays are over i hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


P.s Forgive my photo placement blogger and me were not working well tonight