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Breast reduction - a different type of post

Wow its been almost a full year since i have posted on the blog, i often think of it but always make excuses. Just once quick update and then i will get into the title subject. My weight as of Feb 2nd 2014 is 189. So a 6 pound difference from last year. It has gone up to as high as 196 with a normal weight of 193 ish ... And then this happened...

Breast Reduction

So i don't think i ever posted this on the blog but back with K was only 8 month old ish (June/July 2012) and i had lost 30 pounds at that time i had started getting alot of back pain again doing normal things and while working out. At one of my littlest ones check ups i talked with my doctor about having a breast reduction completed as we had previously discussed ...

A referral was sent out and i did not hear anything back till Nov 2013 that the doctor i had been referred to was retiring and i would need to find another doctor. I was referred to a Cosmetic Surgeon this second time, by Dec 18th 2013 i had a consult, Jan 18th I found out i had been approved by Ohip (Canadian health care) and on Jan 21st i got a call that a cancellation had happened and they could fit me in a week later. Jan 28th!!!! I was crazy excited and nervous, this was to be my second breast reduction with my first having been when i was 15/16 yrs old. The next series of posts will be over my experiences and difficulties i have had. There will be some pretty graphic pictures but for people that are thinking of doing a breast reduction or are currently going through it hopefully what i have gone through will help. And once all of this is done i am looking to bringing this back to a weight loss journey and some of the races i have already signed up for :)

The Past

So as i mentioned in the last part this is my second breast reduction and i want to talk a little bit about what i remember from half a lifetime ago.

I cannot remember what age for sure i was when it happened either 15 or 16 yrs old and it was summer cause i remember not wearing a shirt for a couple of days as back then i was taped up quite differently. I do not remember much of that time... I remember having my doctor take a Polaroid picture and sending it off for approval as i was quite a bit younger then they would normally have taken. At the time i was probably 145-150 pounds and i was a size F with a lot of back issues. It was approved i have no idea how long it took me from that point to getting to a doctor I feel it was within a 6 month period but i could be completely wrong.

I remember the pre op meeting where i was asked if i smoked (at that time i did but I think my mom was with me and i lied saying no as she had no idea ... so stupid) i remember being told that i might not have nipple sensation, that i might not be able to breastfeed any children i might have and many other things. At that time i did not care (and even to this day i am glad that i did it for the relief and normalcy it provided in my last years of high school and even on to college not to mention my confidence) we went ahead. I remember things as pretty spotty from the surgery till my wrappings came off a couple weeks later (it was a gauze and tape bra that i had one till my post op apt very different that this time). I was on T3 at the time and i remember a lot of pain.

At the end of it all i had gone from a F down to D and i was ecstatic, i had lost a lot of sensation anywhere there was scars probably a 1/2 inch to either side i had no sensation, my nipples had none at all. i also had huge nipples like the size of small pancakes. but i did not care it was pure freedom.

In the years since then sensation never returned, the only time i got a bit of sensation in my nipples was when my girls were born and i was attempting to nurse (both times i could not nurse long and my girls were not getting enough nutrition as my hind milk would/could not come through). Over the years i went from the D to a overflowing 40 DDD at the beginning of my weight loss, even at my lowest (183 pounds) I was down to a overflowing 38 DD because of the last surgery my breast were a very large surface area which made fitting bras a horrible experience.

My next post will be on the lead up to the surgery... Then the one after that will catch you up on post surgery and one difficulty i experienced that i hopefully will have news on.

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