Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Surgery and the first 48 hours after

Surgery day - Jan 28th

5am - wake and shine baby it is surgery day. So far still feeling good excited and only slightly nervous. Take my shower with the antibacterial soap as requested.
5:30-6:20 - everyone else wakes up, packing lunches for 2 days for S, cuddling both girls, getting everyone dressed, stuffies packed and the girls suitcase with clothing for the sleepover. During which time i down a large glass of water and 2 glasses of apple juice.
6:40 - Dropped the girls off at our Daycare with all there stuff, lots of hugs and kisses with the girls oh and i downed a bottle of water . I was certainly not going to be dehydrated. However it did cause a stop at a gas station to use there bathroom with all that liquid :)
8:10 - Signed in at the hospital, got into the ever sexy hospital gown and a housecoat they provided all jewellery removed and all clothes except my socks. and i got to put on great booties the hospital provided. Went to the recovery area to see the nurse on duty confirm all my info again answer last question, a timeline provided.
8:40 - went to the waiting area where Garnett was waiting for me and we sat down to wait for just over a hour to be called in for surgery, meeting everyone taking part in the surgery and getting prepped.

By this point i was still pretty collected a bit nervous but pretty impressed with myself on keeping it cool. I never had the nerve to take photos of myself  without my bra on for before photos but i will share what i have and will do comparison in 3 months of what i look like now in a bra and also with that same shirt.

Not the best view but i can guarantee you will see a difference
Double chins are still there working on that :)

Most of the time the boobs did not stay fully in the bra.
These photos were taken back in June 2013

9:45- 5ish
 I was called in said my goodbyes with hubby and then was moved from recovery area where i had to take off my glasses which i absolutely need to see everything is fuzzy, to the little wait area to be brought into the surgery room. i met my doc assistant who preformed all the markings/measurements on me. Now i have to tell you it is quite awkward to have someone who looks younger than you and not your husband moving your breast around to mark them is weird and on my part hilarious i had some inappropriate chuckles over it... yes nerves took over. I was wheeled into the operating room right on time. And from that point on the doc was fantastic, he was caring and bedside manner was warm and comforting a complete difference from the office (which is what i had read about when i did actually look the doc up) and it certainly helped calm me. He checked out the markings and made some improvements because of the previous breast reduction. They told me i would be in surgery for about 2 1/2 hours they were putting some things on my legs to help with circulation for being out for so long. And then i was put under. The surgery took almost 3 hours, i remember waking up in the area they take you after surgery before bringing you to recovery. I asked for my glasses and was told i was not there. Then there was nausea meds given to me and at some point there was pain med given to me as well, then some more nausea meds. I was in and out alot during this time. Right before i left this room to go to recovery (around 2 pm) the doctor came in to check on me and to check on my breasts noticed that both nipples were pretty blue so told me to make sure to massage them at least once a hour to help with oxygen, and then i passed out again. I woke up after being in recovery for a bit i remember asking for my glasses and book as i was feeling quite alert, i was offered a beverage and some cheese and crackers to see if i could stomach it. I managed two little bites of cracker and it was all i could do to not get sick. More nausea meds followed and as alert as i might have felt i was falling asleep every 15 mins or so for 15-30 mins each time that was the first hour of recovery. After that it got a bit better, now i remember at some point the nurse had come in closed the curtain around to check the dressings when i remembered what the doc had said i swear she must have thought i was on crack lol but the nipples were still blue so massaged i did, no pain at all thanks to those wonderful pain meds. From their like i said i started being able to stay awake longer, had a couple glasses of gingerale to help with nausea, eventually got dressed went to the bathroom (very wobbly walking my balance was completely off with the loss of boob). Sat down in a lazy boy and continued to drift in and out a bit by that time Garnett was allowed in to see me. Took about another 30 mins before we were allowed to leave.

Tried eating around 7 or 8 that evening i was not hungry at all and i vomited about half of the soup up. Took a gravol pill some extra strength tylenol and we both went to bed. I slept on the lazyboy that night and it was painful, i was up every couple of hours to get more tylenol. but tylenol covered the pain. Now throughout the evening i kept getting leaks of blood if i moved around to much.

As a funny side note at 1:45 that night my cat Doggy decided to drop a present on my lap, yep a dead mouse (thankfully it was dead), that created a large leak from throwing the mouse outside. What lengths our pets will go to say they love us *sigh*

Jan 29th

Not to bad of a day, painful still only used Tylenol and not the extra prescription they had given me and i slept alot all in the lazyboy. Though that night Garnett got home and had our girls with him i was so happy to see them. Missed my munchkins to pieces and while i was so thankful for them to not see me the evening after the surgery still missed the time with them. S who is almost 6 now understands that she had to be very careful with mommy, she showed me the card she had made for me and the picture she did for me so i would feel better. And little K who is almost 2 1/2 well she was gentle that day ... but easy to forget that i was very sore. But still we got them fed and chatted then it was time for their bed and another very early night for both Garnett and I. I tried sleeping in bed with two pillows on either side of me both as a barrier and to help keep me elevated a bit as my arms were pretty sore too, i lasted till about 2 in the morning then headed to the lazyboy due to pain.

Oh also took my first shower it was quick but delightful, wasn't able to wash my hair but was able to soap up most of my body.

Now throughout this day there was no more leaks but what had started happening was my left nipple started bleeding quite a bit, i googled it and came across a neat blog http://newboobs.livejournal.com/ which explained it was happening through my milk ducts and further searching confirmed can often happen.

Throughout this day i was still taking tylenol every 4 hours or so for pain relief.

Jan 30th

This day started off bad, i was waking up every couple hours throughout the night. I got up at 5:30 to help prepare the girls for school/daycare doing what i could. However i was feeling very faint and like i was going to throw up. This ended up staying with me throughout the day and by late afternoon my pulse started going up. I slept alot that day aside from all the other symptoms i was experiencing my pain was starting to go down a bit, did not have as much tylenol.

Now my one nipple was still bleeding a bit throughout the day i finally got smart and put a pad to help wisk away the blood.

By 8 at night things were finally back to almost normal my pulse was still elevated a bit but everything else was fine no more faintness or nausea.

Went to bed around 10 that night and was able to stay in bed all night, still broken sleep but it was a bit better

Coming up

Tomorrow I will be posting about what i started to notice was going wrong, there will be some pictures of what my breast looked like on the 31st and what they looked like on the 3rd of Feb. From there you will be almost caught up posts wise to where i am now and what i am dealing with

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