Thursday, 20 September 2012

Crawling out of the rock i was under

Hello everyone,

bet you didn't expect to see a post from me after not writing anything in the last what 2 almost 3 weeks now .... yes i was a chicken. I had up the blogger page for a couple of days but just kept ignoring it wishing it would go away, i was not in a frame of mind to deal with writing - when i should have been writing the most as i dealt with things.

Well as of my last post it had been S first week to school and i had messed my back up. My back was not a pretty sight, i was not a pretty sight. I was in quite alot of pain for a while nothing as bad as the end of jan and beginning of feb, it was sort of the same pain as just recovering from that. So i had to be extremely careful on how i bent and picked up little K. Which also really impacted my exercise i was not able to even walk without alot of pain but by the middle of last week wed or thursday things started to loosen up a bit. Was able to finally enjoy my last couple days of freedom before the dreaded return to work date. Took the girls on daily walks of about 2 kms.

Last weekend i got to spend some time with just S while taking her to dance and K stayed home with Garnett. Then that afternoon i spent some time with K taking her out for a walk in the stroller with our dog Cronos. Sunday we had a visitor from our neighbour down the road and she brought her pony all saddled up for the girls to check out.

K was the first one to try out the pony Chico

S thinking that maybe she would like to try

Thats my girly

Chico smiling for the camera lol


Now before i go into the rest of my sunday and the dreaded return to work date lets  talk about my weight a bit. I was fluctuating like mad lowest i went down to was 196.4 and went up to 199.0 as of sunday morning i was 198.8 eep so i started to get myself underwraps. Sunday i started the laundry and then the 30 Day shred over again, went well felt great went into town by myself did our groceries headed home put it all away and then i was stupid and decided to do a second load of laundry. Well i started that second load and then the water quit for the 5th time this season. Which created a huge meltdown, G was pretty upset ... I was upset ... and then the tears started (mine of course) it was the day before my return to work after a year off, the water was shut off no idea if we were going to be able to start it. S shut me down when i asked if she wanted to go for a walk with me but she just wanted to cuddle with daddy, that was the last straw my tears turned into waterworks. I ended up taking our sopping wet laundry to my dads place in town and got them washed from there and brought back home to dry them. Had supper and G went to work on the well - pumpy thingy to see if he could get it working fast forward 2 and a half hours and voila we had water again ... at 11 pm.


Up at 5am and the day starts, get the girls dressed and ready to go to daycare, cry a bit as they were leaving. Rush into the shower finish getting ready and headed off to work. I will say it is a bit easier going back to work with the second child plus having had a breakdown the day before everything was good. Then just before 10 get the call that Garnett father had a minor heart attack. He is doing good still in the hospital at this time waiting for a second stint to be put in. I stayed under my calories and got a workout down in the evening.


Woke up with a cold that came out of left field, head throbbing, fever, sinus pain the whole shebang. That is all. Stayed under calorie but no workout and i went to bed at 8pm tossed and turned all night.


Bad night of the tossing and turning, sinuses starting to calm down to be replaced with coughing. However this morning stepped on the scale and saw 194.6 woot woot officially down 40 pounds. Definitely picked up for me on a hump day and ended up being a decent day. Still no work out though, going to wait till tomorrow to see how i feel before trying again

The only other thing is that each night i have hardly seen my hubby as he has been at the hospital visiting with his dad and making sure his mom is eating and taking care of herself as well. Wish I could go with him to see  his dad and give him a hug but until this cold is gone gotta stay far away :(

I promise to write in here again soon, need to keep myself accountable

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