Monday, 3 September 2012

Long weekend

Wow for the first time in a long time having a weekend that i have actually lost weight on. Back down to 198.8 as of this morning even after attending a family BBQ yesterday where i might have had a hamburger and macaroni and potato salad ... oh and a couple of chips ... oh and when i got home might have had a original cider from Alexander Keiths as well and wow it was all so yummy. But something went right and i still lost so thankful for that :)

Happy that my Zombie, Run! app got fixed they had a issue with android phones where you could do the mission but it was not completing so tonight when i take Cronos for a walk i can get to mission 2 (did mission 1 twice, the zombie chase not as scary the second time around) They also added a option for long runs for android so that is kinda neat don't need it yet but good for the future.

C25K - update

Well i moved to W5D2

31 mins:
Warm up 5 mins
Run 8 mins
Walk 5 mins
Run 8 mins
Cool down 5 mins

Got through the 8 min run and i was kinda surprised it wasn't bad could have kept going, however after the 5 min walk when i went to do the next run it was a total fail. going to try again tomorrow and rock it (hopefully) think i will only do day 2 twice successfully then i will go to day 3 (20 min running non stop - eeeeppppp).

Also just joined a fb group done by one of the girls from Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp called 100- fat burning miles in September (hee hee love the name) closed group which is nice, so as per the title of the group the challenge is to walk/jog/run/crawl 100 miles (or 160.9 km) during the month of Sept so roughly 5.36 km per day. Just joined the group today and have done 15.53 so far this month, going to have to step it up just a little bit but it is totally do-able.

Personal note:

S starts school on wed, going for the very first time, she is so excited and i am of two minds, excited for her to go but dreading it at the same time as she is growing up so quickly.

Also kinda worried about making lunches, what if i pack the wrong things, what if i don't pack enough? What if, what if what if .... Anyone else ever worry about that in the beginning?

And then there is the return to work date of Sept 17th that is getting closer and closer ... what is going to happen when i return to work, can i continue to eat well, will i continue exercising or make excuses, which i cannot i tell ya having a 5 k that you are registered to do a month after returning to work is a good motivator. Oh and have i ever mentioned just how bad i am at planning? I find it impossible to plan ahead for the week for meals while i am at home not to mention work ....  I tell ya enough to give a person nightmares lol


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  1. Wishing you awesomeness on your C25k training! Yay, over half way there!! ~ Jen J.