Friday, 4 January 2013

First Virtual Race Completed

Hi yall,

pretty impressed so far this is the 3rd post within 4 days of a new year, might be on a roll :P

Completed my first virtual race last night doing the 5 by the 5th and i have to say for not really running since my last 5 k in November i didn't do all that bad my time to the actual 5 K was 48 mins and 40 ish seconds. Very happy with it and looking forward to it going down in the months to come :) This also makes it my first race for the 13 in 2013

Yes very bad photo of me but hey still proud :)

So a run down of my "race" I still am doing intervals need to build up to be able to run the full 5K. I started off with three mins of walking then i went into a 15 min run (super proud of myself for that longest full out run in a long time) That got me to 2 KM. Then took 1 and a half to recover ran again for another 3 mins then repeated basically till i got to 5 KM. At that point just did a very slow walk for another 0.12km just to cool down.

Last night i was pretty sore after running that long the last couple of times i have done zombie 5 k training my max was 3 km in 36 mins and that was alot of walking and running, my knees and bum muscles was pretty sore. This morning though was good, very slight stiffness but nothing bad and no sore parts. Yay!

Think i will be taking tonight off working till 4 pm today then head out to pick up my girls, meet the hubby at home then headed off to have a Daddy & daughters date tonight. We are going to see Les Miserable, we got my dad a gift card to a local theatre to do this as we all went when we were younger to the opera Les Miserable. So my dad is very excited and i wont lie and am super excited as well :)

Will be posting again on the weekend, enjoy your Friday

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  1. Great job getting in your first race of the series! So glad you can join us. :)