Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Years

Hi Lovelies,

Wow 2013, not sure where the past year went. Between spending time at home during the end part of my maternity leave and going back to work the time went by so quickly. I am thankful for so many things mainly my girls and my hubby (through the hard and easy times) and for the fact that both Garnett and i dedicated to making ourselves healthier in 2012.

Over the last couple of days the only day i did not exercise on the treadmill was yesterday but hopped back on today and did the 2nd day of zombie 5 k training. I have also opened up 4 browsers on my comp for races i am planning on doing this year, now its time to start registering for some of them :)

I also commited yesterday to doing 13 races in 2013 eep must have been a bit crazy :P

not able to get the button to work so here is the link to it http://jillconyers.com/buttons/

Looking forward to the challenge though think this will be a good kick in the ass to keep me motivated :) plus a discount to the Color Run and there happens to be one only a hour away from me in Aug its a Win Win :)

Till next time,

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