Friday, 31 August 2012


This week has been pretty low for me, my high point was getting below the 200 pound mark, but with school starting for S this upcoming wed and work looming up in two weeks i have been pretty down. I feel exhausted all the time, have not wanted to exercise and when i get like this i kind of bottle all my feelings inside and say i don't care, which has resulted in me not making the best of decisions. I am down from the 199.8 to 199.4 but i should be lower than that, with the weekend looming up i always gain a pound or two which means i will probably end up seeing the 200s again :(

Also my littlest one is changing so fast which i think is also not helping this funk. All of a sudden she has popped her 3rd tooth (first one for the top), started finally crawling forward (still mostly crawling/pushing herself backwards and boy can she go) and has learnt to sit herself up in the crib. Oh and her 4th tooth should be out any day now.

Today is a bit better calories are on track going to exercise tonight just need to pull myself out of this funk

Hope everyone has a great long weekend,

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