Wednesday, 8 August 2012

30 pound mark - Woohoo

So officially this time (not like when i thought i hit it at 25 pounds lol) I
have lost 30 pounds :) Stepped on the scale this morning to 205.4 ( so 0.8 loss from yesterday i know it would be more if i would clean up my eating just a bit more and consume more water, one thing at a time ) so happy to see it now to lose another six pounds to hit my first mini goal of getting under 200 hoping to have that by the end of aug (would be great to be faster but by the end of aug at the latest).

Still working on week 4 of c25k the run this aft sucked balls, i had my eldest downstairs with me and the tv was distracting me going to try it again tonight see if i can improve over this afternoon - which i know i can since i sucked.

Went to Bouncing Beans this morning with my eldest, they were doing parachute play which i LOVE and since there were a couple kids absent the adults got to help out with it WHOO hehe, so i could only do it one handed as i was holding little K who was not impressed with it at all while on the floor

Till tomorrow

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