Friday, 10 August 2012

203.8 + progression pics

Hi all, well its been just over a month and i have lost just over 10 pounds so time for new measurements and progression pics :)

Can i say i was very excited to see 203.8 this morning seems like i am loosing 0.8 every day which is great but can sometimes suck when hubby tells me he has lost 1, 2 or even 3 pounds. . . *sigh*| men. I am super happy for him though and he is looking HOT :) especially since he went out and bought new work clothes that actually fit him.

Ok starting with the photos (again and i think i will always have to say this sorry for the toothpaste splattered mirror in the first pic i never ever thought i would be sharing this pics and the second set while it had a cleaned mirror the windex and paper towels were on the counter lol)

And the newest ones  - yay no toothpaste splattered mirror and no cleaning supplies showing :)

I can see differences in the front one but i have a hard time seeing the difference on the 214.2 and 203.8 side views i have to remind myself i stepped closer to the mirror so i think that is where i am having the issue seeing it. Anyway i know it is going down and thats all that matters :)

Starting weight: 235

as of Feb 14th (when i started tracking my weight) 224.8

Measurements as of Feb 22nd:
Arms:   14 1/2
Bust:    47 1/2
Waist:  44
Hips:    49
Thighs: 27

July 7th

Weight:  214.2
Arms:   13 1/2 
Bust:    45 1/2 
Waist:  43 
Hips:    44 
Thighs: 25 
Calve:  18

Aug 10th

Weight:  203.8
Arms:   13 (-.5)
Bust:    45 (-.5)
Waist:  40 (- 3)
Hips:    43 (-1)
Thighs: 24 (-1)
Calve:  18 (0)

So from last measurement i lost 6 inches and 10.4 pounds

Anyone know how to get your calves to become slimmer ???

Still sucking with C25K week 4 i did the 5 min run once and have not been able to do it again, a little frustrated with myself as i know it is myself holding myself back again ... when will i realize that I rock and can do this :p

Hope everyone has a great weekend

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