Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fall off the wagon type of day ... and i slipped :/

Today was just one of those days, had a good morning headed up to Ottawa did some shopping for myself got three new shirts all in a XL (different brands too so i think i can now say i am for sure in a xl) compared to 6 months ago when i was in a 2X for shirts. Picked up a couple discounted items for my eldest. Then headed out to lunch with a friend who is also currently on maternity leave .... *sigh* i decided on a burger ... the firecracker burger ... 1060 calories later it was devoured, i will say it was very good i had maybe 5 fries and a glass of water. Then on the way home slipped a bit more and stopped at Dairy Queen and had a mini blizzard (approx 360 cal), i wont lie it was delicious. . .

Then i get home about to put little K in the living room while i get her a afternoon bottle, started putting her down when i finally realized i was hearing buzzing and a lot of it. Look up at the big window and there are about 30 bees on it . ARGH, i hate bees. So at this moment i am outside with K waiting till its time to pick up S from daycare to then spend more time till Garnett gets home to kill them all and figure out how they got in the house.

Oh and while i was in ottawa i picked up my Adidas Micoach Pacer bundle, has a heart rate monitor, monitors speeds and will tell you if you are going to slow and to kick it into high gear, and a pedometer (pacer is there really a difference) so i am looking forward to getting in my c25k training today to see how everything looks. Garnett loves his hoping i will as well :)

And one last thing this morning i woke up to another 0.8 loss so currently at 206.2 .... well probably not after my food choices for lunch but i can hope to work off a bunch of it tonight. Plus breakfast was 285, and for supper only plan on a salad and a little bit of chicken which last time we did it was approx 205 cals ... so i can recover ... right ??? Not to worried about today, its only one day.


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