Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Getting my sweat on

Sorry for not posting yesterday, i really meant to and didn't want to all in one. Felt like having one more irresponsible day before climbing back up onto the wagon. We had a awesome weekend away the girls were so well behaved. And it was so good to see Garnett cousin and wife and his Great aunt and uncle were there as well, had some amazing food, lots of wine and spirits and many laughs.

Monday morning i pushed off getting out of bed as long as possible as i was frightened to see what i had done to my weight loss (especially after hearing hubby had gained just over 5 pounds) finally sucked it up and got on the scale and saw 205.4, not the worse it could have been. Yesterday did no exercise except for cleaning in the house however i did drink 100  oz of water. Woke up this morning to see 204.0, happy with the loss hope to see it lower tomorrow morning :)

Today was the first day i took both S and K to daycare, S is staying for the full day K was there from 9:15 am till 12:45, it sucked (not for her she had a great time, S watched out for her lol) big ones for me, its not like i have not left her for a couple of hours for a time (even did the one weekend away) its knowing that this is where she is going to be when i go back to work (and that is approaching fast less then a month now) so i headed into town after crying a bit - ok was crying during the first 5 mins of driving - got my hair washed and cut, then headed to Walmart bought myself another new bra (yay up to 3 now after having wrecked all of my other ones) and some fabric and ribbon, planning on making some jean bibs for K. Headed to my sisters to drop off her shoes and chatted with her and my dad for a bit, hit up subway for lunch then grabbed K.

Got home K went down for her nap and i headed downstairs, was having some issues with my leg so decided just to do a weight loss program on my treadmill where 15 mins in i accidentally pulled the emergency stop line and came to a dead stop - not cool  - so restarted up but on manual and as my leg was feeling better did a little bit of running and walking to finish the last 15 mins. Then i restarted 30 Day Shred and completed day 1 again.

Now time to wake up the little princess, feed her food, pick up S from daycare then off to register S for dance classes that start this Sept.

Happy Tuesday,

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