Tuesday, 14 August 2012

This and that

Well yesterday was a fail in the exercise department i refused to workout and was childish about it ... ok not really just refused to go. My last half of the day after posting went from decent to bad with my eldest and i was just not into it, i also stuffed my face with 2 chicken fries a couple goldfish crackers and i think i had a bite of something else ... however this morning woke up to 203.6 so i at least moved down again on the scale instead of going up.

Today was a much better day, got up around 5:30 ish in the morning and did a workout on the treadmill after hubby had done his, started to do Week 5 Day 1 of C25K was 2 mins into the first run and i said F*** this and ended up doing it walking, still got the sweat rolling and burned just over 300 cals so i was ok with that. Then after the girls got up all had breakfast, headed into town and picked up a new bodysuit and skirt for S ballet classes that start up again this Sept. Picked out a super cute fall coloured shirt for photos that we are having taken on the 6th of Oct ( i should probably mention to Garnett that we are doing that ... oh and somehow plan little Ks' birthday party for that afternoon ). Picked up my sister and her puppy and headed back home where we let the three dogs play. Owner of the other dog came and picked up Gadget so we are now pug free home again lol the girls will miss him though, little K loved that he was at her level and he was so patient with both girls. After my sister and friend left i ended up taking a nap instead of working out, really needed it and felt great after the nap. Then supper and did my final workout of the night. Went with Week 5 Day 1 again of C25K and did much better was able to run the first two 5 min intervals faltered on the last one mid way so walked 1 1/2  mins then ran for the last 1 1/2 mins.

So not a bad day cals eaten for the day 1282 and 648 cals burned with exercise. Hoping to see another weight loss in the morning would love to you know lose 3.7 to get below 200 but will be happy with my normal 0.8 loss. Crossing my fingers

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