Thursday, 23 August 2012

Crazy Thursday and a confession

*phew* what a day. Woke up to see 201.8 this morning so had lost 1 pound getting close to my 2nd mini goal (1st was hitting 30 pounds 2nd is getting below the 200 mark) - where i have promised myself that i would make myself a apron - and very excited however i know the weekend always throws a wrench in my plans somewhere, hoping to be good.

This is the apron i have promised to make myself, for anyone trying to place what this is supposed to represent it would be Sailor Moon outfit :) A little known fact i LOVE Sailor Moon i even have Luna tattooed onto my back.

So as to my confession, i have not really run since last wed, i tried a small bit the last couple days (3 mins on tues and maybe 2 mins yesterday) and was failing horribly, my heart was not into it. Finally got onto the treadmill today and told myself to suck it up and get it done. So week 5 day 1 finished in full only breaks were the normal schedualed kind ... Whoo .. going to do it 1 - 2 more times then will move to day 2 in week 5.

Then from there had a pretty normal day including having to go to my MIL place to catch up on laundry since the scare with our well laundry has been kinda piling up thankful i was able to go into town to get some done, from now should be able to do 1 load per day here. Got home made some crazy yummy egg mcmuffin type food for supper, then headed downstairs did a 30 min weight loss program on the treadmill followed by Jillian kicking my ass in 30 ds (3 days in a row - not counting the other two days i did last week those were my learning days lol). Total cal burned today with exercise 890, go me (yes such a dork)

Last 2 days or so i have brought up my calories just a bit so instead of being just under 1200 have been under 1400 instead, still losing and more than the normal 0.8 that i was losing so i will take it :)

Here's to hoping for another loss tomorrow

Till then

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