Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sad thoughts made into a good day

So last night it really clicked in my mind that i was having to return to work in 6 weeks, i know i am super lucky to have a year off with my girls (love our mat leave) but the end is coming up so quickly. I realized this as we were headed to bed last night at 10:30 ... and i was up for another two hours thinking of it .. and to be honest crying a bit :( i love our daycare provider and am so happy we have her for K and S, but with travelling a hour to work and a hour back to home (or more if i am picking up the girls) it can be pretty rough, i remember feeling and bawling with S that i was no longer raising my girl and the only time i would get to really see her is on the weekends .... Anyway just going to try to make the most of the next 6 weeks with my girls while making sure to continue taking care of me as well. 

Aside from that today has been a pretty great day, woke up this morning to a weight of 207.6 so back to my sat morning weight :) Got dishes done, some laundry sorting, S and I did some zumba fitness this morning and then i did the ea active sports 2 game as well.

(My work out partner)

After lunch took both girls out into the pool and did a whirlpool and just had a fun time :) In a little bit need to finish off the dishes, get supper ready then heading to soccer tonight for S last game of the season. Hoping once we are back from that to get in my c25k training 

Have a great day 

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