Sunday, 8 July 2012

a confession

Ok so i find bodily function stories hilarious. I can literally end up on the floor from laughing so hard, just something about them that strike my funny bone i guess. Anyway the reason i am bringing this up is due to this blog I friggen love reading her blog, she is funny and motivating. Well i just read a post about thinking she had pooed her pants a little while running and was asking her readers about it, went through the comments and found this and ended up curling up in my chair laughing cause i found it so funny

OMFG. The dreaded post baby shart. Its right up there with the 
-Sniss (Sneezing and pissing)
-Lart (Laughing and farting)
-Lissing (laughing and pissing)
And my personal favorite Weefing (working out and queefing).

God bless the havoc that kids have wreaked on our cookies.

Anyway back tomorrow when i will post pics and measurements :)

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