Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Still trying to get to my weight i was before the weekend happened *sigh* and this weekend will be a busy one with birthday parties and a bridal shower to attend, meaning super yummy and probably bad for me food :) Currently at 209.6 so hoping tomorrow will get below 209.4 and hopefully a bit more than that :D

Doubts seem to cripple me, i really enjoy exercising especially doing the c25k training however right now i cannot seem to get past 2 mins running and i know it is all in my head but i seem to be making any excuse i can, so right now i am trying to to run twice a day once in the morning (c25k training) and once at night (5 mins warm up 5 mins walk/run then 5 min cool down) hoping that will get me past this mental block. At times i wonder if i will even be able to run 30 mins straight then i take my sorry butt over to the c25k facebook page and read all the peoples success stories and know that i will be able to do it as well. The other thing is being able to talk to Garnett about it as well since he is doing the training with me (on week 2 however he is a rockstar and his speed way above mine) and he has the same doubts at times, which i think that we all do so it is great to talk it out. At times i wish that i would just post in on facebook or chat about it to my friends/family (the only person that knows about it besides hubs is his sister who we will be staying with that weekend) and yet i still feel the need to keep it under wraps and just want to surprise everyone when i post in Oct at the 5k race ....

Also just wanted to celebrate that i have now lost 30.6 pounds total so far cant wait for the next 10 pounds to get myself under that 200 mark, and want to give a huge shoutout to my hubby who as of today just hit that milestone i think he said this morning he was at 199.6 or .4 he is doing AWESOME and i am super proud of him!!!!!!

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  1. Congrats to you and your 30+ pound weight loss! Saw your blog on Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp... you go girl!