Monday, 30 July 2012

Happy Monday - C25K update

What a weekend, very busy lots of great and yummy food :) Did really good though only went from 207.6 to  208 so a 0.4 gain i am happy with that could have been a very bad Monday weigh in.

So on Saturday Garnett and i headed up to Ottawa after attending a party for a 5 yr old with the girls, we went to the Running Room and ended up picking up shoes for both of us, a expensive trip of over 300$ for the two of us *sigh* but well worth it, our shoes are great. Mine are like marshmallows on my feet :D hee hee they are Nike shoes , Air Pegasus+ 29 I LOVE them!!!! I find the run being a bit easier because of them, they are much lighter than the 16 yr old running shoes i was using before, plus the top part of the mesh is super soft and flexible leaving me with the wide foot nice and comfortable :) Now to get my next purchase a good sports bra that will keep my ladies in place and not bouncing with me. I am looking at moving comfort either the Juno or Fiona, none of the stores in Ottawa have any though :( i am going to have to order it and cross my finger that it works, though i have heard really good things about both of them.


Things are going well with C25K i have decided to repeat every week going forward so this week i am staying on week 3. I find that i do better if i have two weeks before moving to the next week. On the happy note since Friday when i finally managed to do week 3 with no breaks i was able to repeat it on both sat and Sunday WOOHOO :) yesterday i bumped up my speed to 8.5 km/hour  walking time i am still doing at 4.5 km/hr but i think on the next go will bump that to 5 km/hr and went with a incline of 0.5. With repeating every week it means i will finish 2 weeks before our 5k race that me and Garnett are doing together (well i expect him to make it to the finish line before me but we are both doing the same race anyway ), especially since the last week of the program which i will be doing for 2 weeks is like running 28 mins it will really be like doing the 5 k or as close to as possible for 4 weeks before the race, or at least i hope so.

EA Sports Active 2

Still getting this done as well 4 times a week, doing the 9 week program on easy right now and it is going well, my eldest often joins me and does/attempts it with me, she really enjoys the running ones and the step aerobics.

Zumba Fitness

Oh gosh kill me now, i need a kids version for zumba, i have no coordination at all when it comes to dance steps and well i can only imagine what i look like. I have actually just rented the game for a couple of days for the PS3 as i thought S would get a kick out of it, find it a bit weird as you just see a instructor in colour that changes as you do the steps (goes green if your doing it correctly with her) well we both got a lot of laughs out of it which is always good, but goodness do i suck :p still going to do it again later on this afternoon with S once little K goes down for her nap.

Well i think that is it for now, have a great day

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