Friday, 27 July 2012

Having a great Friday :)

Today is just one of those really good days, I woke up this morning with my hubbies alarm and realized it was way lighter than it normally is on daycare days. Turns out hubs forgot to put the right alarm in but all worked out right. S got to daycare (she currently goes once a week just to stay friends with all her daycare buddies and because her daycare watcher is AWESOME ).

1)  I got up around 7 with little K got breakfast done then headed out for some errands, which is where the first good thing of the day occurred :) I put on a pair of jeans today and realized they were too big which is always a great feeling.

2a) In the mail our armbands for our phones came in, as we bought it off ebay and it was coming from pretty far away we were only expecting in in late Aug however this was by far the fastest shipment we have gotten from overseas. So also got to try the arm band out it was nice not to hold the phone anymore.

2b) After running errands got lunch going then bottle for K and then it was time for her nap, i headed downstairs and did my Week 3 training and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! I was finally able to do the whole session without a break. 5 mins warm up, 90 sec job then 90 sec walk, 3 mins run then 3 min walk, 90 secs run then walk and again 3 mins run and walk then cool down. It was so great i had a huge smile on my face and felt so proud of myself.

3) I felt so good i immediately did my PS3 game for another half hour and burnt even more calories :) I have never done a back to back workout its usually a couple hours in between (10 am then 2:30ish following little k naps ). So pat on my back :p

4) Tried turkey sausages for the first time and they are quite tasty :) Oh and discovered my hot sauce is only 1 call per 5 ml that made my day.

Hoping to get just a small walk in once my hubby get homes for the night just to finish off this night on a final good note.

Now to make sure i get through this weekend without too much damage hoping to only have a gain around 2 lbs would be better if i could just stay flat, going to enjoy the food and company this weekend but try to just have little amounts of the food that will be laying around (got to love birthday parties and going to bridal showers).

Have a great weekend will check in either late Sunday or Monday morning :)

added in sat morning: forgot to mention that yesterday i had also dropped 1 pound and this morning dropped another 0.2 so down to 207.6 :)

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