Monday, 9 July 2012


Happy Monday

Well i started this journey back in Jan of this year at a very ripe weight of 235, its disgusting and i am so very upset with myself for getting to that weight. Everyone has a story reason they had started gaining weight which just ends up turning into excuses as to why you are still gaining, i will be posting my life story in a later post either this week or next.

Anywho onto the measurements....

Starting weight: 235

as of Feb 14th (when i started tracking my weight) 224.8

Measurements as of Feb 22nd:
Arms:   14 1/2
Bust:    47 1/2
Waist:  44
Hips:    49
Thighs: 27

July 7th

Weight:  214.2 ( - 20.8) 
Arms:   13 1/2 ( - 1)
Bust:    45 1/2 ( - 2)
Waist:  43 ( - 1)
Hips:    44 ( - 5)
Thighs: 25 ( - 2)
Calve:  18

So a total of 11 inches lost and 20.8 pounds lost. I have been floating around the 214 mark since mid April not really going up or down just maintaining as i had lost motivation. I am really hoping to get out of this rut i have created and kick start my weight loss again. As i have mentioned i have started training for a 5k in Oct and think i am going to make a work out schedule to hold myself more accountable.

Progression Pics:

The first set of photos are taken on Feb 19th i was 224.4 ( oh and totally sorry for the dirty mirror i never ever thought i would be sharing these photos )

And pics taken this morning  (cleaned the mirror this time but still have the Windex on the counter :P )

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