Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Week 2 Day 2

Oh goodness finally got a little bit of rain here at home the last couple downpours have missed our location completely. Hoping we get it a couple more times today to help fill up the pool and give our well a break.

Just finished week 2 day 2 of  C25K went well was watching my eldest play eyepet while i was doing the workout the second run actually went by it felt like in a blink of a eye which was GREAT wish the rest of the intervals would have been like that lol. In 31 mins did 2.71 km, that is with the warm up where i go from 2.5 to 5, jogging at 8, walking at 4, the last walk i do at 5 then slowly bring it down in the cool down period as per Noom -  a new free app i am trying out on my phone -  i did 3178 steps during that time :D

I actually wrote down a workout schedule for the rest of the month and have it on my fridge right now will post it probably tomorrow to give a idea of what i am doing.

I mentioned that i started to count my calories yesterday ... well that was a colossal fail I ended up eating 2003 calories yesterday, i tracked it all though that has got to count for something plus good to get back in the habit :p and this morning woke up to 213.4 on the scale again *sigh* totally my fault but still *sigh*. Today doing much better with my calories hope to see that reflected.

I feel like there was something else that i really wanted to write down but it has completely skipped my mind, oh well maybe i will remember it for tomorrow

Until then

Added in : finally remembered what i was going to ask ( i know there have been some people viewing my blog so hoping someone can maybe answer this) Does anyone know how to actually calculate your amount of calories you should be taking in each day? The two apps i am currently using are saying different amounts My fitness pal is saying 1200 and Noom is saying 1700+ so its not a little difference were looking at 500 calories different ...... feeling a bit lost on this one

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