Thursday, 26 July 2012

Just a quiet day

Took my eldest daughter to see the dentist this morning, her first time and she did great no cavities *phew* really happy about that, she sat in to watch my hubby get his teeth cleaned then she had her turn. She was all excited for the rest of the day asking when she would get to go to the dentist again ( i mainly think it was due to the new alligator toothbrush and getting to choose a ring from the treasure box but hey whatever works ) so very cute.

Been a odd couple of days for some reason hungrier that i have been in the past month today i snacked a bit more but still ended up at around 1200 calories, got in a small workout today walking the dog for 25 mins walking at a decent pace, did not like the app i was using not accurate at all, cannot wait for my micoach pacer bundle to come in :)

This morning stepped on the scale and saw 208.8 woohoo :) now to lose a bit more before the weekend and i see it go up again (hopefully only a very small amount). Oh and i want to correct myself from yesterday i realised that i said i had lost 30 pounds .. oops i was getting too excited i guess it was 25 pounds but hope by next week to hit that mark.

Week 3 is a work in progress the min and a half running is super easy but going into the three min run i seem to only be able to run a min then take a breather and run again and it keeps happening. My legs are going to fall off ... i know not really just wishing i could get past this mind block as i know that is all it is, anyone have any good tips?

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