Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I did something right yesterday...

So this morning i woke up to see 211.2 on the scale i lost 2.2 pounds, i was super stoked as when i first started loosing my highest loss in one day was  1.6 or 1.8 so WOOHOOO :)

Yesterday i ended with 1478 calories consumed and 367 calories expended on my c25k and the ps3 game Activa 2. Just want to show a photo of my supper last night love breakfast foods for supper

Today i took my daughters to Bouncing Beans where S had a ton of fun doing volleyball (well only as 4 - 7 yr olds can lol) a neat obstacle course, soccer net shots and a couple other fun activities. Little K loved watching all the kids run around and was moving and grooving to the music. You can also check out their facebook page here. Then we headed out picked up my sister and went to the park for a nice walk and a picnic.

After heading home got little K bottle got her down for a nap and headed downstairs to do the C25K W2D3, now time to get supper going.

Here is my workout schedule i have created for myself for the next little while, i will run through it sun - sat and remember each week the C25K will be going into the next week :)


W2 D1


PS3 game (last approx 23 mins)
Crunches ( 135 normal and 45 each side)
Weight loss setting on our treadmill (3.5 min 6.0 max) for 30 mins with doing hand weight exercises at same time


PS3 game


Weight loss on treadmill with hand weights


Weight loss on treadmill with hand weights
Weight loss on treadmill


PS3 game
Repeat W2D3


PS3 Game
Repeat W2D3

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