Monday, 16 July 2012

Week 2 day 1

Started week 2 day 1 of C25K yesterday morning. it is 5 mins warm up 90 seconds jogging, 2 mins walking repeated 6 times then 5 mins cool down. Was a bit harder but nothing i cannot do its just to keep pushing myself also hit 2.6 K in 30 mins so my speed and distance is still going up as well :) Its been crazy hot here the last couple of days so even using the treadmill in the basement i have been sweating buckets. Love summer but like spring and fall even more find them to be the perfect temperature.

This morning stepped onto the scale and saw 212.6 (woohoo hopefully i can keep getting it to go down and not back up) also as of today started counting my calories. Using a free app for my phone (can also use it on the computer and it will sync up anytime you log onto either the phone or the comp) called My Fitness Pal, so crossing my fingers this will keep me on the downward slope :)

Also just wanted to talk about my husband for a second, i mentioned a while back that he had been doing this with me he started at 239 and is currently around 204, he rocks :)

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