Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Just a fun filled day

Woke up to 213.0 this morning only 0.2 loss but i will take it :)

Busy day woke up took a shower both girls co-operated by actually sleeping in this morning, then got little K up and fed her a bottle all while the eldest was still snoring away. Got breakfast on for both of us once S woke up then headed out to Bouncing Beans with S. Little K and I sat on the side watching and snapping some photos. Then headed out to get S hair cut took off about 4 inches, i forgot how curly her hair can be right now it is shoulder length due to her curls.

Got home played some Eyepet with S while little K napped. Made supper and it was delicious but a total fail for my diet :p homemade pancakes, i did use light margarine but that was the only substitution i made. Womp  womp

Hubby got home and got in my workout since there is so much time between now and Oct 14th i am doing each week 5 days a week and for 2 weeks to build up more stamina (at least i hope). Hit just over 2.5 k in 30 mins. Each day that number is slowly going up but going up it is

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