Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sweat is fat crying

Got back from camping yesterday, had a really good time minus a couple of episodes :) S was a total brat the first day we were there, thinking it was a combination of excited, hot and tired. But that made for a pretty crappy day all the rest of the time she was great though which we were both really thankful for. On Canada Day, visted with our friends the A's and L's for a while at the beach great to see them all and the kiddies had great fun playing, that night the fireworks were AMAZING, one of the best ones yet, S was super super tired but loved all of the ones that were shot off. And little K did great for her first time camping, slept well on both naps and overnight. So overall a great success.

Oh and did i mention that little K just turned 9 months old, cannot believe how fast the time is going, i swear i heard her say momma yesterday but i think that is still wishful thinking.

Well onto my weight, checked it out this morning and i was at 213.2 so overall with all the camping and yummy camp food i was shoving into my mouth (in moderation) i managed to loose a little weight. On monday planning on doing all my measurements and will post them hear then from there will try to figure out how to post pics of my first day to today to show some of the weight loss i have done, though i have a very long way to go, I find this is helping me be more motivated in loosing weight.

Also i have decided to sign up for a 5k in Toronto in Oct. Super excited and scared as i have not done much jogging/running up to this point, but i figured with a goal in mind and dollars out of my pocket it will also keep me motivated. So last night i started my training with the C25K app on my phone. Week 1 day 1 went well, legs are a bit sore today but thats it. And as to the title of the post i had to keep remembering that last night while i poured buckets of sweat.

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