Monday, 23 July 2012

Mistakes are proof that you are trying

Mistakes are proof that you are trying ... i needed to see that today, weekend went very well yes i gained 1.2 pounds but we had a busy weekend and i tried to eat healthy where i could, i exercised so i was ok with it. Today however i was a train wreck, i think it is coming up to pmsing time ugh, breakfast was almost double the calories i normally consume, lunch and supper were normal however i had a subway cookie, lemonade. Was feeling extremely down and then i saw that saying on pinterest and it just reminded me that today is one day tomorrow will be much better. And today could have been much worse.

sat morning i did my last day of Week 2 and it was rough, i let the week three run 3 mins get into my head and i started panicking that i would not make it. Sat night i went on the treadmill and ran 3 mins just to show myself that i will not die and that i can do it. Made me feel super proud. Sunday i took a morning walk with Cronos our dog went to the end of the road and back it is 2.4 km did it in 28 mins just walking at a average of 5.1 km. In the aft i took a walk from the house we were visiting to the mall and back to grab some baby food (ended up staying much longer than expected but had a grand time visiting) and sun night i did W3D1 it was tough i was sore, i did not make either of the full three min runs the first one was 2:50 and the second about 2:45 both times it was stop midway through the run and take a small breather then get back on. I am happy overall with it and will use the rest of the week to improve on it.

Till tomorrow

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